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Information: Each of our two hikes to Tassajara Hot Springs are approximately 30 miles in length and are rated as fairly rigorous climbs. You will hike with a day pack containing supplies you will need during the day, such as water and your lunch. The rest of your supplies will be carried by pack mules. The trips are for every level of interest though it is recommended that only experienced hikers in very good to optimum health consider this hike. Concerning Pack-Ins, the hiking distance is usually shorter and therefore a broader level of fitness is acceptable.

Guides: Your guides for the journey are highly experienced wranglers, outfitters, and wilderness experts who are well versed in regional natural history, Native American culture, and wilderness survival.

Meals: Except for the making of your lunches, all your meals will be provided and prepared for. They will be nutritious, hearty, and tasteful.

Times:Trips generally leave Ventana Wilderness Ranch, located in upper Carmel Valley, at 10 AM on the day of departure. You will be escorted by vehicle from Tassajara Hot Springs on the last day of our journey back to Ventana Wilderness Ranch where your personal vehicle was left.

Bring: You must pack the supplies for your journey from Bottcher's Gap to Tassajara Hot Springs seperate from those selected for your stay at Tassajara Hot Springs. Our mules will tranport your clothes for the first leg of our journey and our staff will have your supplies waiting for you when you arrive at Tassajara. For your trip from Bottcher's Gap: Everything you bring must fit within a small duffel or sport bag. and not weigh more than 35 pounds (this is very important to our mules!). Please, no suitcases, backpacks or loose equiptment in plastic bags. This will contain your personal clothes, toiletries, wash cloth and hand towel, a sweater and light jacket (fleece is good). Silk leggings are pleasant on cooler nights and they are lightweight and don't take up much space. Please bring a pair of sturdy shoes or boots that are well broken in and comfortable. A pair of sandals, thongs, tennis shoes, or moccasins for around camp is also suggested. Bring a flashlight. A hat or visor is recommended, as well as sunblock for face and lips (unscented). You should bring a warm down sleeping bag that comes in a stuff sack, a sleeping pad (Ridgerest or Thermarest style that rolls small), and a tent (optional). A water filter pump and a mess kit containing a plate, bowl, cup, spoon, and fork. A day pack is required. You will carry your own lunch and water (2 liters recommended) between campsites, and on shorter day hikes. A sarong or lightweight long skirt for the ceremonial purification lodge. A small first aid kit is recommended. Weather is usually mild with temperatures in the day of 65-90°, and evening about 40-60°. For Tassajara: Clean clothes, towel, book, etc.

Deposits: A 50% non-refundable deposit is required at the time of booking. Balance is due before departure.


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